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Man room

Man room Price
Vip medium room For the room 2000
Vip large room For the room 2500
Steam bath (per 1 person in common room) 2 hours 1500

- Vip rooms are to be paid additionally to steam bath.
- Forms of payment: Cash (Rubel), Visa, MasterCard, Maestro

Groups Terms Price
all Mon-Fri until 13:00 2 hours - 750 Rub
Pension age Mon & Wed  until 15:00 2 hours - 600 Rub
Children under 7 years - Free of charge
Children from 7 to 12 - 50% discount

Please notice: discount applies only to steam bath sessions.
No discount for massage and restaurant.

Discounts for regular customers.
For more information please cоntact Kalitnikovskie banyas.